1. Price includes 3rd- Party liability insurance.

2. All prices include VAT tax (7%) as required by the law.

3. The deposit and the rental fee must be fully paid by the first hiring day.

1. Minimal rental period 2 days.

2. A day rental is 24 hours.

3. When the bike is not returned in time, the lessee will be automatically charged an additional day. In case of not informing Big Bike Rental Bangkok about any delay, the lessee will be held responsible for any additional expenses occurring due to missing communications.

4. Lessee shall not exceed 280 kilometers per day. If the rent exceeds the free kilometers average for the full rental duration, the lessee pays 8 THB per additional kilometer.

5. For longer rentals the lessee is reliable for maintaining the service intervals of every 6,000 km at a recognized dealership. The service and maintenance cost can be reimbursed on return with the renter.

1. The renter is obligated to provide a motorbike to the lessee for a specified price.

2. The renter is obligated to check the condition of the motorbike and ensure that it is safe to use before the rent. The motorbike that the renter provides must be clean and tanked up.

3. In case of an emergency, the renter will support the customer in the best way possible to ensure the quick solution to the problem.

1. The lessee is not allowed to extend the rental to a third party. Only the lessee is allowed by the renter to use the motorbike.

2. The bike is not allowed to be taken outside of Thailand except with a written approval by Big Bike Rental Bangkok Co., Ltd.

1. The Lessee must provide a valid passport and a valid motorbike riding license.

2. Bikes are rented out with a full tank of gasoline. Returned bikes must be refilled, otherwise a charge of 400 baht applies.

3. The bike must be returned in normal working condition. If the bike is damaged or returned in a not normal riding condition, the lessee is responsible to all expenses beyond the insurance coverage. Drunk driving, driving without a valid license will automatically void any insurance policy.

4. Dirty bikes are cleaned for free. Road tar is subject to a 2,000 Baht fine.

5. All motorcycles are covered by third-party accident insurance. In case of damage the renter is

liable for all damage exceeding any accident insurance. We recommend that the lessee acquire a personal insurance for rental damages abroad before travelling to Thailand.


1. Cancellation policy:

Before 30 days 15% of the total renting amount

Before 15 days 30% of the total renting amount

Within 14 days 50% of the total renting amount

2. Cancellation are only valid in written form to Refunds will take place within 14 days after cancellation. All bank and transfer fees are bared by lessee.

3. The Lessee will not be refunded any rental fee when returning the bike early.


1. If the lessee violates the road traffic rules he must pay all related penalties.

2. In case of car theft, the lessee must compensate for a motorbike in the same condition according to current market value.