Big Bike Rental Bangkok


Capture Epic Moments

with Big Bike Rental Bangkok's Professional Motorbike Photographer

Imagine riding through breathtaking landscapes, conquering challenging offroad trails in Thailand, and having a professional motorbike photographer document every exhilarating moment. At Big Bike Rental Bangkok, we offer a unique service that allows you to hire a skilled photographer to accompany your group trip, capturing stunning videos and pictures against scenic backdrops. Dive into the details of this exciting service, highlighting the benefits, requirements, and the ultimate satisfaction of having unforgettable memories to share with your group, families, fellow riders, or social media channels.

Immortalize Your Adventure

With our professional motorbike photographer, you can take your riding experience to the next level. From epic drone footage and high-quality GoPro shots to picturesque DSLR images, our photographer will capture every thrilling moment against Thailand's stunning landscapes. Whether you want to share the memories with loved ones or showcase your adventure on social media, these professionally captured moments will bring your experiences to life.

Ideal for Groups

Our service is especially suitable for bigger groups, allowing you to share the cost per person. Hiring a professional photographer to document the trip for the entire group allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of having professionally captured memories.

Customized Requirements and Expectations

Discussing your desired requirements and expectations with our team in advance is essential to ensure optimal results. Communication is key! Let us know the riding speeds, distances, and specific scenes or angles you want to capture. By understanding your preferences, we can plan and prepare accordingly, guaranteeing a satisfying outcome.

Experience and Expertise

Having an experienced motorbike photographer who is also a rider is crucial to capturing the essence of your adventure. Our professional understands the angles, scenes, and routes that will highlight the best moments of your trip. This expertise ensures that the outcome is of the highest quality, enabling you to relive the excitement of your off-road riding experience for years to come.

Inclusive Services and Equipment

When you hire a professional motorbike photographer from Big Bike Rental Bangkok, you don't have to worry about equipment or editing. Our service includes everything you need, from a motorbike for the photographer to DSLR cameras, DJI drones, GoPros, and other necessary devices. Along with capturing the footage, our photographer will handle the editing process, providing stunningly edited videos and pictures optimized for sharing.

With Big Bike Rental Bangkok’s professional motorbike photographer service, you can capture the essence and excitement of your offroad riding adventure in Thailand. Whether you’re a part of a group trip or riding solo, including a talented photographer will ensure that every moment is documented with precision and artistry. So, don’t miss the opportunity to relive and share your unforgettable experiences with the world. Contact Big Bike Rental Bangkok to hire our exceptional photographer and turn your ride into a remarkable visual journey.